Marisa & beauty

“I have always taken a holistic and natural approach to the way I live.”
This quest includes a lifelong pursuit of the finest and purest ingredients Nature has to offer.

Beauty is Inside and Out


Deeply spiritual, living in harmony with nature, Marisa is well known for her highly elaborated philosophy of beauty. 

She believes in a holistic approach that encompasses body, mind and soul because outward appearance, spiritual well-being and wellness are linked and compatible.

For Marisa, beauty is something that shines from the inside through the eyes, the skin, it is the way we cope with life difficulties, the way we share our energy with others.  

Her practice of beauty is about sharing with others, meditating, exercising, having balanced diet, being in harmony with nature. 

She now generously and joyfully brings to woman all over the world her personal beauty secrets to find a right balance between exterior beauty and inner well-being, according to her motto “Beauty is inside and out.

Nature is perfect


Behold the magic of nature...

It holds unlimited treasures which are sources from which to draw beauty secrets...

Marisa’s philosophy of beauty is deeply connected to nature: “Over the years, I have searched for the best natural ingredients to keep my skin healthy and beautiful. One day I discovered the incredible virtues of prickly-pear oil”.  

Collaborating with her  naturopathic doctor and his team of biologists, Marisa has created the Fabulous Oil, infused with a unique anti-aging complex melding Prickly Pear Oil with a mixture of rare essential oils.  “This Fabulous Oil is a true elixir of life”, says Marisa. It has exceptional characteristics to help tissue regeneration.

From this fabulous oil, a complete skincare line was then developped with a specific beauty ritual : SUBLIME CARE.

Marisa Berenson beauty products transform the secrets of nature into highly effective products that make a difference. 

Every active agents and ingredients are 100% of natural origin, Paraben and Silicone-Free.

The Divine Touch


The packaging being a part of Beauty, and according to her holistic philosophy, Marisa wished her cosmetics to be presented in a very luxurious way. The gold is associated with solar symbolism such as vitality, life, health, radiance, wisdom «I wanted luxurious beautiful gold bottles and jars, that for me reflect energy and sun light.

I believe that the aesthetic beauty of the packaging is a positive input in well-being. In general when our eyes behold beauty it participates to our joy of life. » 

Granddaughter of Elsa Schiaparelli, muse of fashion designers, Marisa Berenson has also thought about the glamourous touch designing a black velvet pouch embroidered with gold thread to be offered with her products.