Ritual & Spas

Although her cosmetics are manufactured in France, Marisa chose to establish her flagship in Marrakech, motherland of the prickly pear.
Marisa started by designing the "Sublime Care", an authentic beauty ritual based on her own routine with exceptional immediate results.
She also wanted the spa environment to be as luxurious as the products. Behold the magic in the pictures below...
The showcases are custom made, created with Venitian mirror and gold leaf.
And for a complete magic of the treatment, Marisa Berenson chose an exceptional and unique crystal presentation, engraved and decorated with 24-carat gold,
Made by the excellence of the crystal : SAINT-LOUIS, French manufacturer of crystal since 1586.

Face Ritual


After having removed the make up and prepared the skin with the cleanser, the ​GENTLE ​SCRUB (exfoliating from vegetable origin) will remove your impurities in surface. The peeling will be followed by the ​LUMINOUS WATER application, an astringent and fresh water for a delicious feeling (20 min).

The RED CLAY MASK ​application is a deeper treatment. Its action will absorb impurities and moisturize the skin. During the 15 minutes of the mask action, a scalp or hand massage is offered.

Once the mask in carefully removed, a drainage massage with FABULOUS OIL is lavished. This dry oil will quickly penetrate your skin for a perfect moisturizing with its high density of E vitamin. No grass effect!

To finish with a skin beauty enhancement, the ​INTENSE CREAM and its regenerative action followed by the EYE CONTOUR. (20 min).
The beauty final touch of this treatment is the ​FILLER. It will fill the first wrinkle and give a tensor effect. (used by Marisa before any public representation...)                                

The whole treatment is made with only natural products and accompanied by the wonderful Prickly Pear aroma ​as the fruit is present in every products used.

You are ready...                           

Body Ritual

TONING BODY CARES – 60 / 90 min 

Nourishing – Firming – Gives a silky finishing


Jojoba seeds and fig milk peeling followed by a detoxifying red clay mask and softening cream with pink pulp. For the finish, modelling with fabulous oil and tensor gel.


The care can be extended with a complete 30 min massage, relaxing and voluptuous with FABULOUS OIL.

Hair Ritual


Reinforce your hair by the roots to recover their full shine and a silky finish.


Start with ginger shampoo. Ginger stimulates the growth, restructures the capillary fiber and activates micro-circulation.


Covered with a hot towel, the Ghassoul hair Mask will absorb impurities and grease before rinsing your hair.


Conclude with application of Sublime Oil, thanks to its organic hops extract that strengthens the hair bulb. prevents the hair loss. It is a dry oil that you can also leave in the hair for the ultimate nourishment.

The places where you can enjoy and buy the SUBLIME CARE

  • Marisa Berenson SoSPA Munich

    Munich - GERMANY

  • Marisa Berenson Sofitel SoSPA Marrakech

    Marrakech - MORROCO

  • Marisa Berenson Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills

    Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills - USA

  • Marisa Berenson Sofitel SoSPA Agadir

    Agadir - MORROCO

  • Marisa Berenson Sofitel SoSPA Amsterdam

    Amsterdam - HOLLAND

  • Marisa Berenson Sofitel SoSPA Rabat

    Rabat - MORROCO

  • Marisa Berenson Sofitel SoSPA Essaouira

    Essaouira - MORROCO

  • Marisa Berenson Sofitel SoSPA Marseille

    Marseille - FRANCE

  • Marisa Berenson SoSPA Casablanca

    Casablanca - MORROCO